FISAE LYSOME Cleansing Cage Cleaner

FISAE LYSOME Cleansing Cage Cleaner

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FISAE LYSOME Cleansing Cage Cleaner Lavander - 500ml (Ref.78915)

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Description of FISAE LYSOME Cleansing Cage Cleaner

The hygiene of the habitat of small pets must be irreproachable to avoid any proliferation of bacteria and odors. The use of a suitable cage cleaner will clean the environment of birds and rodents.

FISAE LYSOME sanitizing cage cleaner cleans, sanitizes and deodorises the environment of your pet (nests, cages, furniture, bowls, etc ...). Composed of essential oils, it is easy to use and can be used in the presence of animals without any danger for them.

The composition of this lotion makes it possible to delay the proliferation of various bacteria and parasites. Used regularly, FISAE LYSOME sanitizing cleanser provides absolute hygiene, even in the middle of aging, leaving a pleasant scent of lemon or lavender.

Manual :
- Shake the bottle
- Spray on the areas to be cleaned and let act a few moments
- Wipe the excess with a clean cloth

Characteristics :
- Cleans and sanitizes rodents and bird cages
- For impeccable hygiene
- Available in two flavors: lavender and lemon cocktail
- Spray 500ml

FISAE is a brand specialized in the hygiene and care products for your pet (dog / cat / bird / rodent) as well as its environment.

It contains natural ingredients respecting nature and the FISAE products have been studied to reconcile efficiency and respect for nature.

With FISAE, you have an effective and safe treatment for your pet, the environment and yourself!.

Aqua, terpineol, dipentene, thymol, turpentine, quaternary ammonium (C12-16), linalool, natural preservatives.
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